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Snowman parody
I went to Alton Towers for the first time on Wednesday (02/09/2015) and totally pwned Oblivion and Nemesis, amongst others. It was as I was waiting to go on Air that I came up with new lyrics for Walking in the Air in honour of the ride. Enjoy!
We're speeding on the Air
We're soaring through the sunlit sky
The people on this ride are screaming as we fly
I'm holding very tight
And laughing like a f###ing loon
Even though I know this feeling will end all too soon!
Copyright © 2015 Romersa's Protégé. Individuals and groups are free to copy and share this work for all purposes except large scale distribution, subject to credit being given and any derivatives being released under the same or a similar licence. All other rights reserved.
Adapted from 'Walking in the Air'; Copyright © 1982 Howard Blake. All rights reserved.
Typically-developing children are often easier to parent than Autistic children because they are always understood and supported just the way they are.
"MMR vaccinations make the Autizms in your guts!" - Andrew Snakefield.
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