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Useful Information Request
Im absolutely awful at introductions or saying hi but im kind of looking for a bunch of information to help me better understand my partner. Its really early days and he seems quite concerned that his aspergers is a boundary or a problem or will cost him me. Some behavioral mannerisms make more sense after a little reading , like all the phone calls and talking for hours.

Externally he's quite a stubborn man (to the outside world) i spend a lot of time trying to pay attention to him or talk to him and understand his life and how copes with things or feels about things, i can tell within his walls he shrinks down and goes more child like in his behavior (i sincerely hope my observations or words dont offend anyone here) which doesnt put me off at all.

I love talking to him and we share a lot of common interests , ive already experienced the beginnings of a meltdown and managed to stop it fully coming on and im not put off him even slightly even though he expected me to be. I like him for who he is regardless of anything else.

I guess apart from keeping talking to him regularly and reassuring him a lot verbally which i dont mind doing , how else can i support him and show im not going anywhere?

i think the sorts of things im looking for are things to better help me understand so i can pick up on things, the last thing i want to do is cause any distress or upset.

Thank you in advance peoples :)


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