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Meltdowns - advice please
Hi I need some advice please. I have 2 sons both with a diagnosis of Aspergers who display very different traits. My youngest son has always suffered from meltdowns but I am usually able to see them coming and divert them. However, recently they are becoming more frequent and often there is no warning. I am struggling to cope and don't know where I can get support/advice. My lovely little boy becomes completely unreasonable and shuts down - he won't talk and there is no changing his mind when he is fixated on something. My husband and I disagree on ways to handle it (hubby displays similar traits although he has never formally been diagnosed) please can someone give me some advice - I only found this site today following another meltdown which has left both me and my son in tears sad
If I were you, I would ask your son how he views what's occurring around him just before the meltdowns are triggered. With the overwhelming external stimuli identified, you should be able to reduce them to a bearable level in some way.
Typically-developing children are often easier to parent than Autistic children because they are always understood and supported just the way they are.
"MMR vaccinations make the Autizms in your guts!" - Andrew Snakefield.
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