Inner Thoughts

Upon creating this website I have learn't a lot about Asperger's, I have called it Aspergernauts because for me, having A.S. is like having landed on another planet. For most people with Aspergers it's like we're aliens or an astronaut visiting another planet, we don't feel accepted because we are not sure how fit in with 'normal'. However, look at it from this side - being different is a good attribute. Although I don't need much in the way of friends, I do want to be friendly towards people and would like them to be friendly to me too, and just accept me for who I am. I think this is a simple rule that few Earthlings decide to follow. The golden rule is to treat people how you expect to be treated yourself, and to treat others with respect. This often isn't what happens unfortunately. I didn't get on too well at school, I didn't enjoy the classroom full of hooligans... and I never really liked P.E. that much... I'm not so sure why but it's a very competitive subject.

People and Places

With Aspergers, being around other people is difficult. However being around the opposite sex at 15-18 sometimes makes it even harder! Although being around people in general - to someone with Aspergers can be a very worrying situation and I feel that this is what makes us potentially shy or quiet. We feel like nice people on wrong planets, and that's true. We're the Aspergernaut and they are the Earthlings... We have great strengths and very minor weaknesses, shame the weaknesses are so distressing though. I know. You have to think past those weeknesses though and try and outweigh them and thinking positive about things is the first step to success.

The High School Years

High School can be a very difficult time for people with A.S. although most are very academic, it's the most stressful time I feel. This is because not only is this period the 'teenage years' it's also a very tough environment where you are expected to learn 'life skills' alone. Unfortunatly some people don't seem to appreciate that others are different or have good academic skills and decide to use this as an excuse to start bullying for example. This is what happened to me, but in the end I moved to a good school where I managed to catch up and attain good grades.

Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Award

Aspergernauts - An award winning website aimed at helping people with Aspergers and AutismI am very proud to win this award. I gained it for creating the Aspergernauts website (which your viewing now) which has helped lots of people from around the world and all walks of life including their carers and professionals. In August I visited Althorp, Princess Diana's childhood home.

More recently, I was awarded the 10,000th Award holder, and I also got the chance to meet Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP Chancellor of the Exchequer, at Downing Street. He is now the Prime Minister.

It was an amazing experience, and everyone was very welcoming! It was an excellent event! I'm very proud of myself for being able to share my website, and also help others while overcoming my own difficulties! The award/event has given me extra encouragement, and I am very happy that this website has been very useful to everyone who has visited it.

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