Positive Aspects of Asperger Syndrome

Many families and those with A.S. don't always realise the benefits - but actually if you think about them there are quite a few. It's sometimes difficult to appreciate the positive aspects, given some of the difficulties they experience in social and communication skills. Other people which I'll refer to as Earthlings usually don't understand and probably tend to see that we are a little quieter or talk allot about a particular interest - but your interests and hobbies are most likely one of your positive attributes.

There are a lot of famous and successful people with A.S and I have placed an exhaustive list on this website for you to browse. These people have been highly successful in their area of interest, they have used their positive attributes to bring us new things, new ideas and new science or mathematics.

A few of the positive attributes are outlined here and I'll deal with each one individually:

Intelligence - Usually people with A.S. have a higher than average intelligence, especially in their area of interest while other areas may fall below average. However it's this special interest that is of particular importance. The very fact that we can remain focused on a specific topic is a great asset and we can and often do become very knowledgeable.

Determination & Enthusiasm - This is a good asset to have, as most people give up research and hobbies because they become too complex. However, it is believed that Albert Einstein had A.S and it would clearly make sense as he did not give up when he was coming up with new ideas and research. Sometimes the interests can become so intense we don't give up for anything - this means that it would affect daily lifestyle such as eating and sleeping as they have become so involved and determined to solve a problem with a logical solution. This enthusiasm also means when you start a project you finish it.

Knowledge - The dedication and focused learning on particular subjects means that you can become very interested and knowledgeable, and of course this must be the best attribute ever, as it could secure an excellent future! It certainly has happened with some very successful people, such as Bill Gates.

As you can see, it's not so bad after all. We do happen to be below average in some respects but in others we succeed and lead new paths to new discoveries and innovation. If it wasn't for people with A.S. I doubt we would have the technology we have today.

Do you have a positive attribute you'd like to share? Talk about it in the Aspergernauts Community.