Here we'll be talking about interests and how those interests are to someone with or without A.S.

Usually there is at least one main interest that someone with A.S. will have and the will be devoted to it. This is a positive aspect of Aspergers.

When one becomes highly interested in a subject or hobby they'll become extreamly good at it - they'd rather be finding out more about their interest than go to a difficult social situation like a party.

When I was younger I used to spend time developing new things, reasearching innovation and to this day this is exactly what I do. I now run two highly successful businesses which are built on the research I carried out when I was younger. Anyone with A.S. has the potential to become very successful in what they do, but will require assistance in communication and life-skills. There are been some excellent musicians, mathematicians, scientists and professors whom have all shown signs of A.S. and I doubt we would be so far on in life if these people did not exist.

In spare time, most people with Aspergers like to listen to music (even if it's different types such as 80s, country and western, rock or classical) - they'll probably not follow the crowd but follow what they like and develop their own individual and specific taste in music. I would say this is a positive thing, as it's exprloring individuality rather than following the 'norm'.

I myself have been interested in Information Technology since being little, and my dedication and enthusiasm for my interests has allowed me to get to where I am now and also enabled me to write this website. Other people would likely call me obcessed but I beg to differ!

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